1920 X 420 (05)The Mahaveer Rajasthani International School has been set up by a non-profit, non-proprietary Trust working to foster and enhance the standards of educational excellence at the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic levels.

Unmatched academic excellence through our internationally focused curriculum, future success in the stream of choice is a distinct possibility.

Unique personalized learning experiences for your child.  Our distinctive learning plans, personalized to address the individual’s style of learning promote and propel the child’s ambitions to excel in academics.

Global perspective with international learning opportunities through our sister schools of America, Mahaveer Rajasthani International School students stand out and are well-poised for success in an increasingly border less world.

Partnerships results we believe in the strong binding between school and family to help children build self confidence and a sense of purpose, and we welcome parents’ involvement in transforming the Mahaveer Rajasthani International School into a learning community.


The Mahaveer Rajasthani International School has been set up by a non-profit, non-proprietary Trust working to foster and enhance the standards of educational excellence at the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic levels.  The Rajasthani Educational Foundation Tamil Nadu was established by the Rajasthani Association in 2008.  The primary mission of the Foundation is to establish and to run educational institutions for public charitable purposes. A munificent donation of 10 acres of land by Shri Sugalchand Jain’s family, followed by inspirational large hearted contributions from 250 donors, has paved way for the establishment of the school.